How do I apply for listing?

To be listed on CodexSwap, these are the following requirements:

  • Must be listed on at least Coingecko.

  • Must have reached a market cap of 300k.

  • Must have more than 15 Ethereum in liquidity.

  • Must have good, real engagement on Twitter.

What we at CODEX offer to those who will be listed:

  1. We will announce our partnership both on Twitter and Telegram.

  2. We will list your token on our

  3. You will be able to sell our CodexServiceBot services, with a 30% revenue share on every deposit.

  4. We will offer coupons to your holders to purchase products on our servicebot every two weeks.

  5. At the team's request, we can add custom products supplied by the token with which we will form a partnership; 100% of the proceeds will go to the team/community, as we will not take any commission.

  6. We will create a staking platform and contract for your token.

  7. AMA with explanation of the two projects.

Is there any kind of fee for listing?

No, you only have to meet the requirements for now!

You can submit your request here:

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