Terms of Service



CODEX is designed solely to enhance your presence on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or other social networks.

Please be aware that while we ensure you receive the number of followers you purchase, we cannot promise that these new followers will engage with your content.

We strive to provide followers with complete profiles, including profile pictures, full bios, and uploaded photos, but cannot guarantee that all accounts will meet these standards.

When using CODEX, you must not upload any content that includes nudity or anything inappropriate or not permitted by the community standards of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platforms.

Remember, if your account is private, you won't be eligible for a refund. Ensure your account is public before placing an order.

Refund Policy

1)All payments made are final. Once a deposit is completed to CODEX, it cannot be reversed. Your balance must be used for orders on CODEX.

2)By making a payment, you agree not to initiate any disputes or chargebacks against us for any reason.

3)Should you dispute or chargeback after making a deposit to CODEX, we reserve the right to cancel all future orders and ban you from our bot. We may also remove any followers or likes delivered to your or your clients' Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts.

4)Orders placed on CODEX are final and cannot be refunded or canceled once placed. If an order is undeliverable, you will receive a refund as credit in your CODEX account.

5)Orders for misplaced or private accounts on CODEX are not eligible for refunds. Ensure accuracy and account status before placing any order.

Privacy Policy

Our commitment to your privacy is paramount. This policy outlines our practices regarding the handling of your personal data.

We assure you that your personal data is treated with the utmost confidentiality. It is utilized solely for the purpose of processing your orders. Under no circumstances will your personal data be sold or shared with third parties.

We employ robust encryption and store all personal data on secure servers to ensure its safety and privacy.

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