Introduction to Codex ChatBot AI:

  • AI Pioneers: Our bot is powered by the advanced technology of ChatGPT-3.5, providing a smooth and intuitive chatting experience + Plugins as Duckduckgo, crypto, wolfram...

  • Complete Decentralization: Access our service anonymously and securely, without the need for registration, decentralized platform.

  • Simple and Effective User Interface: We have designed an interface that facilitates user interaction with the bot, making the use of AI accessible to everyone.

Current Bot Features:

  • /help: A command that provides a detailed help message, guiding users through the various features.

  • /reset: Resets the conversation, with the option to include high-level instructions for customized assistance.

  • /stats: Displays current usage statistics, allowing users to monitor their activity.

  • /resend: Re-sends the last message, useful in case of lost connection or other technical issues.

  • /image: Creates images from a textual prompt, leveraging the power of AI to generate visualizations on demand.

  • /tts: Converts text into speech, making content accessible in audio format as well.

Future Evolution:

  • Access to ChatGPT-4: We are working to integrate the latest and most powerful version of ChatGPT, offering users an even richer and more interactive experience.

  • Purchase of $CODEX Tokens: We will introduce the option to purchase tokens to use ChatGPT-4, expanding interaction and payment methods.

Codex ChatBot AI represents a qualitative leap in human-machine interaction, embracing the freedom and innovation offered by blockchain technology and advanced artificial intelligence.

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