dApp Construction

Type: Bridge hosted with our pool Cost: 1500$ Type: Swap with Uniswap Router Cost: 565$ Type: Deployer Site(BSC-ETH...) Cost: 400$ Type: Mixer with our pool Cost: 1000$ Type: Staking Platform + Contract Cost: 400$ Type: Telegram Bot Shop Cost: 1500$

Type: ChatBot(AI) Cost: 200$ Note: API Chat-GPT-3.5, If you are interested in APIs such as chatgpt-4, contact t.me/KillianWeb3

Type: Basic Website Cost: 300$ Note: Provide all information and logos to our developer: t.me/KillianWeb3


Domain: staking.codextoken.com / t.me/CodexServiceBot
Notes: Anything you want to tell us regarding your order.

If you would like a dApp that is not listed, contact Killian our web3 developer, he will give you details on what you want!

All hosts and domains are included in the total price of the dApp/Bot.

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