Card dApp

Our platform offers a streamlined solution for converting select cryptocurrencies into Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards. Currently, you can bridge Ether (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), and PulseChain (PLS) to the prepaid card.

Anonymity is a key advantage, with advanced encryption ensuring the security of your personal data throughout the process. These prepaid cards offer flexibility for online and retail transactions, including digital wallets like Google Wallet or Apple Pay. Enjoy the freedom to spend your crypto assets like traditional fiat currencies.

Official link of the dApp:

How to buy on

  1. Connect your wallet.

  2. Choose the chain you want to pay with: ETH, BNB, or Pulse.

  3. Proceed with the payment and wait. Immediately after confirmation, the dapp will automatically provide you with a link to go directly to myprepaidcard.

  4. Activate it by entering the required data.

  5. Enjoy your money!

Always remember to save your recovery key. In case of any issues with your order, you will need it to open a ticket.

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